THIS fiendish challenge asks you to find the one sad panda among a sea of happy ones.

This baffling optical illusion of the dopy and adorable creatures tasks you with finding the odd one out in only 10 seconds to prove whether you have above average intelligence.

In this race against the clock, one panda is lurking somewhere with sadness on his face.

It's a test for your eyes that may begin to hurt after a while spent scanning this cartoon picture for any sign of the rogue animal.

Even the best of puzzlers have been putting their brains to the test to find the people in the tricky illusion that plays with your eyes.

This is the perfect head-scratcher to get your brain and eyes working together seamlessly.

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Mind-boggling illusion tests the sharpest of eyes – can you spot two hidden faces?

You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot all FOUR cats in this illusion

Optical illusions help to stimulate cognitive function, keeping your mind sharp and active and boosting creativity.

Your ability to pay close attention and problem-solve are essential to this tricky challenge.

Can you find the upset panda in under 10 seconds?

If you are struggling, fear not because help is on the way.

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The cute Chinese-native can be spotted hiding out in the bottom right corner.

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