Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have released more Netflix bombshells as they peddle "conspiracies" and claim lies were told to protect William.

The long-awaited second half of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's explosive Netflix doc has today hit screens.

It is understood members of the Royal Family are watching right now – alongside millions of others across the globe.

The latest and final episodes reveal behind the scenes at Harry and Meghan's wedding, private correspondence apparently being leaked – resulting in Megxit and when the couple arrived in California.

Less than a minute into the first episode in VOL II, Meghan accuses the royals of racism and she refers to herself as a "foreign organism"

Meghan said: "There was this moment where our private secretary, she worked with the Queen for almost 20 years I think, and what she said to me was it's like this [wave motion] fish swimming perfectly, powerful, it's on the right current, and then one day this organism comes in.

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She continued: "This foreign organism and the entire thing goes [eyes to the side and squeak]. What is that? What is it doing here? It doesn't look like us, it doesn't move like us. We don't like it, get it off of us."

"And she just explained, you know, that you'll soon see that it's stronger, faster, even better with this organism as a part of it. It will be hard at the beginning for them to adjust to this new thing, but then it will be amazing. 

"And I was really hopeful that that was true."

But, in the last five minutes of the Harry has admitted he "misses the UK & weird family gatherings" in a bombshell revelation as he discussed why he moved to California.

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The near 60-minute clips have been released exactly one week after the first three episodes – and the dust is still yet to settle.

Meghan was last night accused of peddling conspiracy theories in her latest bid to smear the Royal Family.

She claimed the Palace made up stories about her to protect senior royals.

Prior to that, Harry appeared to fire shots at the family,  "they were happy to lie to protect my brother" – but added "they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us".

Yesterday the final trailer was released for the doc – promising more "dynamite" will be thrown at The Firm by the Sussexes.

In the short clip, Meghan made the massive accusation that the Palace was part of a conspiracy to attack her.

She said this was a ploy to make stories about other members of the Royal Family “go away”.

The Duchess said: "You would just see it play out, like a story about someone in the family would pop up for a minute and they'd go: 'We've got to kind of make that go away'.

"But there's real estate on a website homepage, there is real estate there on a newspaper front cover, and something has to be filled in there about someone royal."

In the latest tease, which was released on Twitter, the couple are set to discuss the controversial decision to move to America.

One example used in the trailer is a correct Sun exclusive which revealed that Meghan made Kate cry at a bridesmaid fitting.

Meanwhile, yesterday it was revealed the third episode, in the first half of the doc, plays an edited version of The Queen's famous service speech – significantly altering its meaning.

The revelation of the edited audio comes after Harry and Meghan were accused of using fake and misleading paparazzi footage in the doc.

The imagery of photographers clamouring at them at public events was revealed to have been taken at a Harry Potter film premiere and of Katie Price arriving at court.

It comes after the couple made a number of stunning claims in the first-part release last week.

The Royal Family was said to be in a state of sadness after Harry and Meghan launched a wave of astonishing attacks in the first episodes of their series.

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In a terrible slight on his father, Harry claimed he was “literally brought up by a group of friends in Africa”.

And, in one mocking scene, Meghan exaggerates a curtsy to poke fun at the royals — and compares their traditions to a tacky US medieval restaurant chain.

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