From I am weed to I am wed, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged. It happened two days ago in Puerto Rico, and Fox's Instagram caption may have just outdone their now-famous meet-cute story. There's a lot going on, namely: karma, magic, love intoxication, reincarnation, and of course, vampires. But I guess that's just what life looks like when you're finally united with your twin flame. MGK and Fox weren't the only twin flames present at their engagement though. Fox's famous JW Pei bag also twinned with her two-stone emerald and diamond engagement ring. 

Fox loves this affordable bag enough to own it in bulk in different colors. She owns the celeb-loved bag, which has also been worn by Emily Ratajkowski on repeat, in both black, and blue. Fox also frequently color coordinates the bag with her outfits, so her being spotted in an all-green ensemble at the airport, JW Pei bag in toe, hours before her engagement, feels very her. 

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How do I know she was wearing this green outfit at the airport, you may wonder? Well, because of this extremely blurry photo my friend's friend stealthily tried to take of the couple at the airport. If you zoom in, that green blob on her lap is the famous $80 JW Pei Gabbi bag in question. And I can only imagine her two-stone engagement ring, which is rumored to have cost around $400,000, is somewhere in that checkered bag on the ground. Along with some crystals, I'm sure, and vials of their blood or something, probably. 

My suspicions were proven correct when I saw a much sharper image someone's mom took of the twin flame themselves at the airport, submitted to and uploaded by the popular celebrity blind-items Instagram Deux Moi. The JW Pei bag was in plain sight, as was their undying devotion to each other. Jury is still out on those blood vials, but I feel pretty confident I'm right about them too. 

Since none of us can afford Megan Fox's engagement ring, shop the next best thing, a bag to match, for just $80 here on Amazon. 

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