FOR many of us, chafing is an unavoidable part of summer – the familiar burn on our inner thighs when we slip into our favourite dresses as temperatures soar. 

It’s also known as ‘chub rub’ and a quick search of the slang term on any social media platform will offer you a plethora of solutions, with some being more effective than others.

But one midsize woman believes she has found the ultimate product to be chafe free. 

Georgia Young, who said “nothing ever works” for her chafing, wears cycling shorts under her dresses.

The content creator dubbed Primark’s £1.60 shorts “chub rub holiday essential”.

In a video on TikTok, she showed that all of her friends were adorning a pair during their summer holiday. 

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She penned in the caption: “Get your chafing shorts out gals.”

The tight black shorts are available in three pairs for £5 in Primark, according to Georgia. 

She also recommended cutting an old pair of tights to create makeshift shorts. 

Viewers took to the comments to share other chub rub solutions, including a range of creams and talc products.

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One woman suggested using Neat 3B Action Cream and dubbed it “amazing”.

“I bought 2 bottles for this holiday but I was so scared it wouldn’t work that I didn’t use it,” Georgia replied.

“Nothing ever works. I’ll try it in the UK first, thank you.”

Other suggestions were liquid talc from ASDA, Johnson’s talcum powder and deodorant. 

But most viewers agreed that snag shorts – or leggings and tights cut into shorts – were the best solution.

“It’s so nice to know that I am not the one person who wears H&M circle shorts under dresses,” gushed one woman. “I feel safe here.”

Georgia agreed that “summer seasons are a struggle sometimes”.

As the mercury rises, we sweat more, which adds to the pain caused by chafing.

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In extreme cases, chub rub can cause the skin to break or come up in a rash or spots.

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