WE'VE all been there – in the panic of finding a good parking spot, we completely forgot to actually pay for a ticket.

And from the moment it dawns on you, it's a race against the clock before you get landed with a hefty fine.

This is the exact scenario students Matthew and Katie found themselves in when visiting family last weekend, Yorkshire Live reports.

After enjoying a day out in Pickering, Southampton student Matthew was preparing himself for the worst when they returned to the car.

But much to his shock, a kind stranger had stepped in to stop Matthew getting a fine.

After buying him a £2 ticket for an hour's parking, the Good Samaritan then left a funny note which made the couple's day.


It read: "Parking warden came so we bought you a ticket.

"Saved you a fine!"

What's more, the heartwarming gesture came at a good time for Matthew – who only recently got his car repaired.

His mum told the publication: "Matt has only had the car back two weeks after someone crashed into the back of them in August and nearly wrote it off.

"He kind of didn't need a parking fine so we're very grateful to the very kind person who did this!"

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