SEPT 23 – OCT 23

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The sun and Jupiter are your star career team – and bring the kind of energy that stays positive, and pushes through any barriers. 

Coaching yourself, with encouragement and kindness, gets some great all-round results. 

Love is built on security, and if you need more from someone special, you can ask for it. 

If you’re single, your dream date has a “D” name.

DESTINY DAYS: A winning streak in prize terms on Tuesday and Wednesday leads into a fast decisions day on Friday.

Sunday works for setting new cash limits.

LUCKY LINKS: Someone who always wears the same brand of footwear.  A family of medics.  The neighbour with the wildest garden.

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NEW MOON BEGINNINGS: Your fitness plans get a fresh-start boost from the fresh-start new moon. 

Maybe you have had to leave a schedule half-finished, or physical enthusiasm has faded over time. 

But when you give it your attention this week, you can get everything back on track – and heading for success. 

New sports, foods, timetables and leisure ideas – all seem so tempting to you. 

And turning any — or maybe all — of these in a business direction can lead to healthy profits too, sooner than you may expect.

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