EVER wondered what it’s like working for a superstar family?

It might not be all that it’s cracked up to be as these Kardashian employees found out. 

In a recent episode of KUWTK, Kim ticks off sister Kourtney for scolding her nanny. 

The feud erupted after Kim accused Kourtney of making her childminder cry during a family holiday. 

Kourtney hit back with claims the nanny had lied about her children.

The episode comes after The Sun exclusively revealed Kim and Kanye’s ex staff are considering taking legal action against the now-divorced couple. 

An insider alleged: “There’s apparently a potential lawsuit in the works against Kim involving multiple employees."

But what’s it really like working for the KarJenner klan?

From mysterious feuds to lifelong friendships, we find out from current and former employees. 

Kiss and make up

Make up artist Mario Dedivanovic began working with Kim when she was a fledgling reality star in 2008.

He told how he was pressured to stop working with Kim: “The elitist world, they looked down upon people like reality stars.

“I had an agent that demanded that I stop working with her.”

“They said that, 'She'll never be successful. And you're going to go down right with her and you're gonna lose your entire career.'” 

But the make up artist left his agent and supported Kim through her whirlwind ascent to fame. 

He said: “It was 365 days a year, it was never-ending.”

He is still good friends with Kim and launched a KKW Beauty palette with her in 2019.

He even came out as gay in 2019 with Kim by his side at the American Influencer Awards. 

Not appy

Beauty journalist Jessica deFino lashed out at the Kardashian-Jenner family last year for underpaying her

As editor on the now-defunct KarJenner apps, she took to Twitter to complain about how her employers treated her. 

Her jibes followed news Kim had become a billionaire by selling a share of her KKW Beauty brand to make up powerhouse Coty. 

Jessica wrote: “I had to buy groceries at the 99 Cents Only Store when I worked as an editor on the Kardashian-Jenner Official Apps.

“And got reprimanded for freelancing on the side.”

She added: "It’s an awful, exploitative policy that makes sure eager, inexperienced, & poorly paid employees remain inexperienced & poorly paid.”

Jessica's Linkedin page claims she worked for the Kardashians between May 2015 and July 2016 as an Associate Editor of Khloe Kardashian Official App.

2am calls

Victoria Villarroel began working for Kris Jenner in 2015 and soon became lipstick mogul Kylie’s right hand woman. 

She said: “She’ll call me at 2am and I will answer, I don’t really have set hours. It’s pretty much whenever duty calls.”


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“You basically do scheduling, travel, events. Like the Met Gala, you have to coordinate everything. 

“Or any appearance that she has, award shows, the stylists, booking all her appointments and keeping her calendar up to date.”

“I’ve learned a lot from her and her family,” Villarroel said. “They all have their s*** together, for sure. They are inspiring.”

She told how she once slept in and almost made Kylie miss a flight: “The first time we were travelling together, I was going to pick her up to go to the airport, and I slept through my alarm… so she had to basically drive herself to the airport.

"It gave me so much anxiety, but she didn’t care.”

In one episode of KUWTK, she revealed she was scared of Kris Jenner while having to change Kylie’s travel plans. 

Victoria quit her job in 2019 and furiously denied whisperings of a fall out. 

She said in 2020: “We both decided it was time to grow without each other professionally about a year ago!

"She's still one of my best friends and our relationship has only gotten stronger."

‘I’d take a bullet’

Kim’s ex-PA Stephanie Shepherd was hired in 2013 and left the famous family shortly after being promoted to COO of Kim’s company Kardashian West Brands in 2017. 

The departure led to rumours of a falling out but both sides denied the claims. 

Stephanie said: “I would truly take a bullet for her. Wherever we are, my instinct is just to protect her.”

Stephanie also had high praise for Kris Jenner: “That woman can literally get on the phone and change the world.”

In scenes in KUWTK, Kim looked shocked as Kourtney tells her Stephanie was complaining about her role. 

Kim said: “I do think it’s inappropriate for her to talk to you and not to me. 

She later added: “Don’t you think that’s just a little bit unprofessional?”


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The pair later both agreed Stephanie would stop working for Kim. 

Kim said: “You guys, we’ve never had a feud. 

“She wanted to go in a different direction and I respect that. I love giving that encouragement to whoever I’m working with, and just because people stop working together doesn’t mean that they’re feuding and stop being friends.”


Kim and Kylie scouted make up artist Hrush Achemyan through social media before inviting her to beautify them. 

She said: “They found me through Instagram, which is crazy. And then we had mutual friends. 

“I feel like the Kardashians are the ultimate authority on glam. I don’t care what anybody says – they are.”

The family soon became her biggest clients – with Hrush also joining Jennifer Lopez’s glam squad. 

She told how the KarJenner family are beautiful on the inside, as well as on the outside. 

Hrush said: “Their beauty resides from within. They are probably the kindest clients I’ve ever worked with.


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“I feel like they’re way prettier to me when I look at them versus when somebody else looks at them, because they’re so nice and they give equal opportunity for everybody.” 

This January, Hrush revealed she was being treated for ovarian cancer – and was under the care of the KarJenner’s obstetrician.

She said: “When you find out, it’s a little too late, but thank you, lord, for having this amazing doctor in my life.”

Break up artist

Joyce Bonelli served as a make-up artist for a decade before mysteriously falling out with the family in 2018. 

She allegedly angered the family by doing Caitlyn Jenner’s make up – despite them asking her not to. 

Before the fall out Kim visited Joyce in hospital after she had her twins in 2016.

But the family soon stopped following Joyce on Instagram en masse while Joyce appeared to taunt them by wearing a dressing robe which read: "'F**k with me, I dare you."

A source told Us Weekly back in June 2018 that “the family doesn’t speak to her anymore.


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“She hasn’t worked for them for months. They just stopped working with her because they didn’t see it as a right fit anymore.” 

But the icy relationship appears to have thawed – with Joyce attending Kanye West’s Sunday Service in 2019. 

Makeover madness

Stylist Monica Rose was a favourite of the KarJenners until in 2017 they all unfollowed her. 

The fashionista met Kim in 2007 on a magazine shoot and soon started working with the whole family. 

She even branched out to working with Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber thanks to her high profile role. 

But after a decade of working with Kim, suddenly the whole family dropped her – both on real life and social media. 

Allegedly, Kim was angered by a 2016 interview she gave claiming to be behind her high fashion makeover shortly after meeting Kanye. 

In the New York Post article, Monica jokes she threw out 30 Herve Leger bandage dresses from Kim’s closet. 

Kim denied this was the cause of the fall out but insisted Kanye was behind her fashion shake up. 

She told Andy Cohen: “I haven’t worked with her in maybe four years, so my reason is not connected to this.

“But I will say that I read that it was said that she was the reason for my makeover — my makeover when I met Kanye — and I will say that Kanye got me a new team and we kind of documented it.” 

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