Joe Biden Wears Custom Ralph Lauren to Deliver the Most Important Speech of His Life

After days of speculation about what our 46th president would wear for his swearing-in ceremony and inauguration in Washington, DC, it has been confirmed: Joe Biden chose Ralph Lauren. (He may have been giving us hints as he wore a Polo shirt for both of his televised COVID vaccinations!) The American designer created him a custom navy suit and navy overcoat, which he completed with a satin blue tie and wool scarf to attend services at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle with congressional leaders. This is the first of many events for the president-elect, for which he will likely stay in his original outfit. The look is said to have been made at Rochester Tailored Clothing in Rochester, NY.

President Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, stood by his side in emerging designer Markarian, also choosing the color blue. Together, Jill and Joe have made a fashion statement, even though it won’t be the most important one they make today. (After all, Biden is about to deliver the most critical speech of his life.) With Jill championing an up-and-coming artist of great talent, she proves that, like Michelle Obama, she will continue to recognize and celebrate designers for their craft, and Joe pays tribute to an all-American, nonpartisan brand that represents the long history of fashion in our country, and has also had moments with Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Reagan. With their outfits, Joe and Jill successfully pay ode to positive tradition and welcome in a new era, where there is room for everyone.

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