A MODEL has spent over £100k on her bum so she can fulfil her dream of having the world’s biggest bum. 

Natasha Crown, from Sweden, has had six bum lifts overall because “the bigger the booty, the better.”

However, despite loving her body she struggles to find love as her “body shape and personality scares men”.

She says: “I want the world's biggest bum. For me the bigger the booty the better.

“I’m famous for my big bum.

“My last relationship was seven years ago. I am pretty extreme so I think people are afraid of me. 


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“It’s scary for men. 

“You have my personality, and then you have my body and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme. “

Natasha had her first bum lift when she was 20 years old. 

She says: “It was a Brazillina butlift and soon I am going to have my sixth. 

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“I’ve spent around 150 dollars on surgery. 

“I’ve had five surgeries on my but, and due to have my sixth in January (2022).”

Natasha’s dream of having the world’s largest bum all started when she first started working out at the gym 

She says: “I started working out at the gym, and then I had an idea to pump my ass. And then my journey started from there. 

“Bigger is always better. 

“Hopefully I will find someone one day.”

Another woman who's aspired to have a bigger bottom half is Tiffany Conroy, from Ireland.

She jetted off to Turkey for a Brazilian Butt Lift – but people reckon she's risking her life to fit beauty standards.

Despite being dubbed the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world, the notorious Brazilian Butt Lift is still as popular as ever.

Each year sees thousands of beauty lovers willing to risk their lives for a perkier bum and a smaller waist – but with one in 3,000 procedures resulting in death, the hourglass shape comes at a high price.

The dark statistics, however, wasn't enough to put off Tiffany.

After saving up enough cash, the make-up artist jetted off to Turkey, sharing the journey with her 4.4k fans on TikTok.

To make sure she was prepared, Tiffany did a lot of research and packed her bags accordingly.

Amongst the items she took with herself were heaps of pads, female urinals so she wouldn't have to sit down to urinate, packs of painkillers, as well as comfortable bras.

Once the operation was over, the young woman revealed she had bruised – but the new snatched waist and hips were worth the hard recovery.

But despite appearing to be happy with her new body, Tiffany was met with criticism online.

''I can’t imagine risking my life for a bbl but each to there [their] own,'' one person wrote.

Someone else agreed, wondering: ''Isn’t this 1 of the most dangerous operations.''

After being slammed for risking her life to go under the knife, the beauty enthusiast hit back and explained her reasons for choosing BBL.

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''I’ve wanted this surgery for years and years, what I was insecure about would have never been fixed by the gym.

''I researched my surgeon and hospital […] carefully,'' she said, adding that the medical professional has never had any deaths.

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