A WOMAN who has had implants fitted into her cheeks has gone viral on TikTok for her unique appearance.

The woman who goes by Just Queen 1998 on the social media app has been inundated with comments about her looks.

The social media star from Ukraine has over one million followers on the app and received almost 20 million likes on her content.

The social media star often sports bright pink hair, but it's her cheek implants that have everyone talking.

She jumped on the viral TikTok dance trend from the new Netflix show, Wednesday, and caught the attention of many, but not for her dance moves.

The video went viral with over 400k views as she posed in front of the camera.


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While the Ukrainian social media star clearly loves her cheekbones – trolls were quick to share their thoughts.

People were stunned by her exaggerated cheekbones and many claimed she had ruined her face and compared it to looking like a bike seat.

One person wrote: "A moving bicycle seat."

A second person commented:"So that's where my bike seat went."

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A third penned: "If she didn’t do that to her face she would be beautiful."

Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "You gotta live with some deep regret."

Another person added: "She got plastic surgery and ruined her face, it's literally impossible to be born that way too."

However, despite some of the cruel comments left under her video others praised the young woman for doing what she wants.

One wrote: "I don’t understand but if you like it that’s all that matters."

Another person said: You're so pretty."

The social media star often shares videos of herself attending beauty appointments and days in her life.

She has also recently released a song with Kovaleva.

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