AS a teenager, all we ever wanted was a pair of double Ds – but when they finally came in, they weren't exactly all they cracked up to be.

On the one hand, you've got to put up with the mind-numbing back aches – and on the other, there's the non-stop annoying comments you get on a near daily basis.

One person who knows a little something about this is TikTok user Georgia Deakin.

In a viral video that's racked up over 1.6m "likes", Georgia hit back at people remarking on her chest.

Kicking off the video, she wrote: "[Point of view]: You have naturally big boobs."

To begin with, Georgia says other women always express sympathy for her.

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One of the most common comments she receives is: "Poor thing, your back must be in bits."

Using a stock image of a petite gymnast, Georgia says other women are often jealous of her bust.

She claims she's often told: "Oh I wish you could give some to me."

Unsurprisingly, Georgia has to put up with her fair share of creepy comments from guys too – who always tell her: "Nice t**s love."

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As for middle-aged women, Georgia says they can't help but say: "Jeez yours are bigger than mine!"

And if that wasn't frustrating enough, the TikTok star said "random men" are forever staring at her chest too.

Needless to say, Georgia's video struck a chord with other big-busted women.

One commented: "You forgot the people that tell you to cover up even though you're wearing normal clothes."

Another added: "You forgot 'those aren't real' and I’ve actually had 'congratulations'."

"You forgot 'any guy would be so lucky to have you'," a third wrote. "Then they stare at them."

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