A WOMAN who boasts she has Britain's biggest lips has hit back at trolls who hate her appearance – and admits she's obsessed with lip fillers.

TikToker Sofia who goes by Sofialipsx has posted multiple videos on the platform showing off her increased lips.

She has even shared a clip of her injecting herself with fillers with the caption: "I love stretching my huge lips!!!"

The TikToker claims she has had "her lips done over 100 times."

In another video, she exclaims: "Omg my new lips, I love them!"

Sofia has revealed she has also had multiple surgeries on her breasts, jaw, cheekbones and bum.

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And despite the cruel comments she has received about her exaggerated looks over time, the TikToker embraces her appearance and is not planning to stop enhancing her lips anytime soon.

One Tiktoker commented on her video: "My dogs just seen this on my phone an ran away crying."

Another one said: "I got flat can you blow it up."

One added: "Time to stop darling."

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Someone wrote: "Are you ok?? Did it hurts when the bee stinged you?"

And Sofia simple replied:"You need to get out more."

It comes as another plastic surgery fan who claims to have the "world's biggest lips," is now set to break new records.

Andrea Ivanova, 25, claims to have had over 30 hyaluronic injections in her lips, but her plans have got even bigger as she's aiming for cheekbones to match.

Experts have previously warnedabout the risks of overdoing it with lip fillers as it could lead to horrific infections.

Women who have had excessive skin-plumping treatments have been left with rotting tissue, needing lip amputations, lumps and even blinded by botched jobs.

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