ANY woman with a larger chest will know that it can come with a whole host of problems – from back ache to unwanted attention.

But if your main issue is not being able to wear small tops that you love, then a woman named Darcie Ratcliff has got the perfect solution for you.

Taking to TikTok, she shared a quick and easy hack demonstrating how you can wear small tops if you havelarger boobs.

In the clip, she begins: "I have a hack for anyone with slightly larger boobs who wants to wear a little top with no wire or padding.

"So right now, my boobs are sitting like this and they're feeling a little bit droopy."

Hoisting up the straps so they look much perkier, she says: "I want them to like this."


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Darcie then holds up a normal bra and continues: "What you want to do is just cut it at the bottom of the strap."

"And then you've basically got a halterneck top so you can hoist your boobs together."

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She then simply ties the straps together at the back just like you would with a bikini top.

"Now they sit a lot better and I feel a lot more supported," Darcie explains.

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The video has since gone viral, garnering over 91,000 views and several comments.

"I’m doing this next time – thanks for the tip," praised one.

A second penned: "Literally just got a breast reduction because of this – couldn’t have come out sooner."

A third praised: "Love this!"

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