IT'S one of the clothing items that most curvy women steer clear of.

But one woman, who describes herself as having a "chubby tummy", has revealed her four styling tips which can help anyone wear a crop top and feel confident in doing so.

Chrissy B shared her tips on her YouTube page, and explained that she doesn't think anyone should be excluded from wearing one because of their size.

"I’m here to tell you that crop tops are not only for the women who have super flat tummies and small waists, they’re also for the thick girls, the chubby girls, the big girls," she grinned.

Her first tip is to "find the crop top that fits you".

In the video, Chrissy was wearing a grey crop top from Pretty Little Thing, which is a longer style and has drawstrings on each side which means she can adjust just how much skin she shows.

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"Finding the crop top that you’re comfortable with," she advised.

"It could be a shorter one, it could be a longer one, it doesn’t matter.

"Just find what you’re comfortable with."

Chrissy's next suggestion is to team a crop top with a pair of high-waisted bottoms.

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"High-waisted pants are a thick girl’s dream," she said.

"They’re your friend. It’s going to kind of hide or conceal or smooth out the bits of your stomach that you don’t want out, as well as the love handles."

The trouser style also helps conceal any "back fat" you might feel self-conscious about.

"Tip number three would be to add a jacket or oversized flannel shirt to your outfit if that’s going to make you feel more comfortable," Chrissy continued.

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She then took the oversized flannel shirt and tied it around her waist.

"It kind of makes me feel safe sometimes, especially when I’m out and I don’t want to have to worry about pulling my crop top down or anything," she said.

"It’s also a great tip for concealing any love handles or any spillage."

Or, if you don't want to tie the shirt around your waist, try wearing it and team the outfit with a pair of trainers for a grungy look.

And Chrissy's final tip is to upsize when you're buying a crop top.

"I never really buy a crop top in my actual size," she said.

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"I like to go up in size just so I’ve got a little bit of room to play with.

"Sometimes I like my crop tops to fit a little oversized, just so I can play with it if I want to bring it down a little bit at the back or up at the front."

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