JANE PARK was only 17 when she scooped £1million in the 2013 EuroMillions making her the youngest ever lottery winner.

At the time of her win Jane was earning just £8-an-hour as an admin temp in her hometown of Edinburgh and living in a two-bed council flat with her mum Linda. 

The online influencer today has over 219K Instagram followers and has Jane has positioned herself as ‘the self-confessed B&M Molly Mae' and regularly enthrals fans with updates on how she spends her winnings.

Today according to reports she's worth £3million – yet she isn’t flash with her cash.

Over the last decade the 27-year-old millionaire regularly posts about how she has kept her feet on the ground.

Budget holidays

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For starters Jane never turns left to posh first class on the plane.

And hiring a private jet is off the cards too. Budget airlines such as easyJet are as luxury as it gets.

Last month Jane flew out to Benidorm with her girlfriends for a hen do.

For obligatory airport drinkies they didn’t bother with pricy prosecco – opting for Bacardi Breezers instead.

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When they hit the streets of Spain they boogied at cheap and cheerful karaoke bars and made their own entertainment with a Grease fancy dress night.

It's fair to say that Jane is Spain’s biggest fan. When she celebrated her win a decade ago she didn’t bother with fancy destinations such as the Maldives or Mauritius.

Instead she booked herself a holiday to Magaluf. Oi-oi!

Brazen boob jobs

If money were no object what woman wouldn’t buy herself a perfect pair of new boobs?

Jane did just that not once but twice. But she didn’t bother with fancy Harley street clinics.

Jane has spent around £50,000 of her lottery winnings on surgery including a boob job, a bum lift, liposuction, dental veneers, Botox, lip enhancements and fillers.

Her first boob job in 2013 saw her go from a 34B to 36FF, costing £4,500.

She described them at the time as "up there with the best things I bought".

In March 2023 she decided to get her breast implants reduced and so she hopped on an el cheapo flight to Turkey to reduce her cup size.

She unveiled her new ‘girls’ this Easter on Instagram in a barely there outfit. 

Not all Jane’s surgery has gone to plan. In 2017, the beauty fan flew to Turkey for a bum lift that ended with her fighting for her life with suspected sepsis after the botched op. Ouch!

Footie tats

When the Scottish siren isn’t indulging in surgery then you're likely to find her in a local ink parlour undergoing her latest tattoo.

In 2015 Jane, a huge Hibernian Rangers fan, got "Hibs every weekend" on the side of her ribcage.

Last September while on her holibobs in Tenerife she underwent a new ink job dedicated to her "other loves" in football.

Yup, the Lotto winner now has "Man United" on the other side of her torso. Jane has also proved she’s the ultimate N-Dubz fan.

In a homage to Tulisa she has "‘the female boss" tattooed on her arm.

With a left upper arm sleeve Jane is no stranger to inkings all over her body.

How can we forget those EIGHT bum tattoos including several Magaluf holiday date stamps on her right bum cheek?

Relationship woes

Unsurprisingly the brunette is unlucky when it comes to love. No wonder then that in 2017 she resorted to launching a website where single blokes could apply to date her.

The person lucky enough to become her boyfriend would get an annual "allowance" of £60,000 to wine and dine his millionaire GF.

Jane claimed she had no choice to do it because she was never sure if blokes loved her or her bank account.

It will come as a surprise to no one that the plan flopped thanks to a "weird strange bunch" making up most of the 10,000 applicants.

She has since dated X Factor contestant Sam Callahan in 2017 and former Dundee footballer Jordan Piggot in 2018. 

In December last year Jane revealed she was single – again! – and how did she announce it?

With a thirst trap picture of her sizzling bikini bod on a boat in Dubai.

'B&M Molly Mae'

The Celtic millionaire might have forked out £25,000 on a BMW, £17,000 on a Volkswagen Beetle, and £18,000 on a Range Rover – customised in purple in honour of her football team Hibernian. 

She might also own a wardrobe of Louboutin shoes – which start at £455 a pair – but she is still one of us.

Because despite being a millionaire she loves budget brands. Moving into a modest three bed with her mum after her win – Jane frequently posts about her high street bargs. 

Earlier this year Jane took a pop at herself wearing a hat with the 'B&M version of Molly-Mae' blazoned on it while out at Karen's Diner in Edinburgh.

Down to earth Jane even posted a video onto her Insta stories of her queuing waiting to get into the venue.

No VIP "do you know who i am?" shenanigans for this Girl.

Dr Phil confusion

At the end of 2022 Jane flew out to LA to record an appearance with Oprah fave Dr Phil.

The show, which went out at the start of this year, saw Jane candidly interviewed on Dr Phil's chat show in an episode titled The Curse of the Lottery.

She opened up sharing how tough times had been for her after becoming a millionaire, including dealing wit “stalkers and death threats”.

She explained just how naive she was when she was told she'd won: "You can be anonymous but you are encouraged to go public.

"They prefer that, especially when the case is a bit different. Because I was 17, they thought this was kinda unheard of, you should tell people.

“I wish I’d never won it, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

She went on to admit: “I don’t regret any of the money I spent, my only regret would be going so public with the win.

“When I won it was a very quick turnover, it was massive. At the time it was kind of crazy, and it’s even crazier looking back.”

Who didn't feel sorry for her? We'll ignore the fact that most Americans took to their socials not to bitch about Jane's dosh but to moan about Jane's accent.

Jane Park is our kind of girl. The £1million win hasn’t changed her at all.

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We might not love all of her tats – especially those scrawling on her bum – and we might cringe at some of her thirst trap Insta pics but we love her for never forgetting her roots.

This millionaire has got those Louboutins firmly on the ground.

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