AN INFLUENCER has revealed a hack that makes shopping so much easier at Target, and it’s been hiding in plain sight.

Kate Bast, who goes by @thebastfam on Instagram, showed off their family's ingenious way to connect your baby's stroller to a shopping cart so you can push them together.

Bast showed you can simply hook the back wheels of a four-wheeled infant stroller to the front of the cart,and keep pushing.

Bast's husband, Ryan, demonstrated the strategy in the clip: pushing a stroller with one hand and a Target shopping cart with the other, he looked up at the camera in exasperation.

Then, he lifted the front wheels of the stroller, hooking it onto the bottom of the shopping cart.

Holding the stroller handles, Ryan pushed the stroller and the cart in a single file line, smiling and giving a thumbs-up.

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The mom dubbed the idea "a parent hack I wish I knew sooner" as she showed her baby's stroller being connected to a target shopping cart.

"We saw this at the store and were MIND BLOWN and knew we had to share this GENIUS parent hack!" Bast wrote as a caption to the Instagram video.

"Close adult supervision is always required when doing the activities and hacks on our profiles," she noted.

"Participation in all recipes, hacks & activities on our profiles is at your own risk."

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In the comments, one woman shared her own successful parenting shopping hacks.

"Also, infant car seats lock on the top part of all grocery carts if you don’t want to use the stroller," she said.

Others complained they didn't think the hack would work.

"This is false, because Target carts never move smoothly," one person griped.

"It would be difficult to pull the wheels off afterward," said another.

The U.S Sun has previously revealed how Bast posted the video to TikTok for the family's 438k followers.

Like on Instagram, confused viewers took one look at their shopping cart "hack" and pointed out a much easier solution, right in front of them.

Even though the Bast family was excited, viewers were instantly skeptical – and several pointed out a seemingly obvious oversight.

"Just use the child seat in the shopping cart," a befuddled commenter wrote.

"Infant seats fit in carts," another person said. "These 'hacks' solving problems nobody has."

Some people saw value in the hack, but still had questions.

"Someone show us how it moves and turns," one woman wrote. "I don’t want to embarrass myself at the store."

"I embarrased myself for y'all," another mom wrote after reportedly trying the hack. "It does not work!"

One person warned that as the cart grew heavier, laden down with items, it could do damage to the expensive stroller.

"Our neighbor told me she did this and caused damage on her stroller," the viewer said.

And while using the cart's built-in seat for a toddler or baby can work, there's an even easier option for short shopping trips.

"Use the stroller basket underneath as your shopping basket," wrote a savvy mom. "Works for up to 20 small or medium things – perfect!"

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