A PLUS-SIZE woman has hit back at unkind trolls who said she shouldn't wear shorts.

The self-appointed style police said shorts were unflattering on bigger women.

But this feisty lady had no time for their style censorship.

Espi (@11espic) was going to wear what she wanted, regardless of what anyone thought.

She has an enormously popular TikTok base with over 192,000 followers and another 8.8 million likes.

Her platform, she said, was all about "breaking barriers and stereotypes."

Espi has made it her mission to get more positive representations of larger ladies in the media.

Her vox pops interviews regularly feature on her TikTok, where she asks guys if they would date plus-size women.

But she has had to also endure the attention of keyboard warriors.

In her post, she shared the latest attack.

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She was dressed gym-ready, in a simple T-shirt and black shorts.

“Plus size girls shouldn’t wear shorts because it’s not flattering," was emblazoned across the screen, echoing the statements of trolls.

Her response, however, was typically robust.

“I put this shoulder up and I put this shoulder up and I drop them because I don’t care," she said.

Then she added: “My cellulite is normal and beautiful.”

In other posts, she urged her plus-size sisters to hold their heads high.

"You hold all the beauty and power in the world, my fellow big girls. You are the prize.”

Commenters to her post loved her attitude.

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“You are so beautiful. You can wear all that you want," said one fan.

Another rounded off her post with a final affirmation: “Wonderful beautiful queen. For all the love and appreciation," they said.

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