A WOMAN has revealed that she loves showing off her curves in swimwear and won’t listen to what mean trolls say about her figure.

Olivia, a plus-size model and content creator from Toronto, is often subject to harsh comments from mean trolls, with many even referring to her as a ‘beached whale’. 

However, the body confident babe, who revealed that she weighs 22 stone, doesn’t care and it certainly won’t stop her wearing whatever she wants. 

In a clip shared on social media, Olivia posed in a swimming pool, whilst wearing a blue bikini.

In response to a nasty comment from a keyboard warrior that read “you look like a beached whale”, Olivia clapped back to the hater.

She simply attached an audio that said: “Cool.”

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Shortly after, the curvy redhead, who has size 44H boobs, claimed that she takes the insult as a compliment, as she noted: “Whales are cool so thanks.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @oliviasworld95_, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed over 3,000 likes.

But despite the mean comment from a troll, social media users were eager to share their messages of love and support for Olivia in the comments.

Many told her to ignore the haters and complimented her ‘beauty’. 

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One person said: “Don’t listen to haters girl.”

Another added: “Not at all. Absolutely gorgeous.”

A third commented: “They are just jealous of your confidence and beauty.”

Whilst someone else shared: “I hope you don’t listen to those haters. I think you are a beautiful human being.” 

Another chimed in: “You’re absolutely stunning babes!! Don’t let anybody tell you differently.”

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Olivia clap back to haters.

Previously, we saw Olivia describe herself as ‘curvy and proud’ as she explained that trolls judge her and say she looks pregnant.

However, Olivia explained that she doesn’t listen to what nasty trolls say, as she advised her followers to ‘be fierce always’.

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She also explained: “People are going to judge you regardless so you might as well wear whatever you want, walk with your head held high and let that confidence shine through at any chance you get.”

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