SUMMER is nearly here and while most people are gearing up to getting their gardens in top shape for those warmer days, not everyone can be bothered. 

Unless you have a green thumb and love to take care of growing flowers, plants and trees, gardening isn’t exactly what people would call a ‘fun’ activity. 

That’s why Gabby has found a way to grow flowers in her garden without putting much effort in at all. 

Taking to her social media, she asked: “What is chaos gardening?” before demonstrating the explanation.

Placing a grey bucket on the floor, she filled it halfway with soil. 

She then dumped an entire packet of wildflower growing mix and combined the two well. 

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Turning to face the camera herself, the brunette beauty could be seen dressed in a black Pink Floyd T-shirt with her mane up into a bun. 

Looking directly at the camera, she then tossed a handful of soil behind her back, into the garden. 

She threw another handful into the soil surrounding some bushes in front of her house. 

And sprinkled the rest in various areas around the house.

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“Just throw ‘em to grow ‘em,” she wrote in the caption. “It’s amazing what will grow when being neglected.” 

People immediately responded to the hilarious video as one person wrote: “THISSSSSSS I’ve seen so many videos of people delicately putting flowers into individual pots and spending HOURS prepping…

“When it’s so much easier to just mix with dirt and chuck everywhere,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Another said: “This is how I garden, I fr don’t have time to space everything out”. 

While a third added: “Lol we share name and passion for chaos gardening. Did some last week, things are sprouting, idk what is what so waiting feels like Christmas!” 

But one person warned: “Please do the research for native seeds in your region so you don’t plant invasives from mixes – Everwilde has good seeds by region!!” 

TikTok user replied: “I didn’t even think about this! Thank you!”

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