PEOPLE find inspiration for baby names from a variety of places, whether it's a character in their favorite movie or a the name of a family member.

One woman embraced modern day capitalism and named her child after a popular store.

A Reddit user shared the interesting name an acquaintance gave to her daughter.

The poster revealed that a girl from her hometown named her baby after the popular retail store Sephora.

"I know the origins of it mean “pretty” but it’s definitely a unique name," the Reddit user wrote.

She added that despite the sentiment behind the name it just reminded her of the makeup store.

The name Sephora is derived from the Greek word "sephos" which means "pretty."

The name is also inspired by the biblical name Zipporah, the wife of Moses who was known for her beauty.

Reddit users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the unusual name.

"I kind of cringed. It's not an ugly name, but all I can think of is 'influencer wannabe' naming their kid after a make-up chain," wrote one reader.

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Another person joked: "Is this girl’s sister named Ulta?"

"Well that's certainly…a choice lol. It feels like naming a boy Home Depot," commented a third user.

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