PEOPLE come in all shapes and sizes, and plus size model Sam Paige is owning it. 

The plus-size social media model is giving herself a pep talk to not let any negative comments bring her down.

Sam, who has 3 million followers on TikTok, recently shared a video of herself dancing her bad feelings away in a hot outfit after being the subject of body shaming.

In a recent post, Sam told fans how she lifts her mood when the trolls get her down.

She said: “Me right after I wasn't feeling good about my body but put on a hot outfit.”

After putting on a black outfit in a crop top and strappy mini skirt, Sam lip-synced to the lyrics "I'm a beast, they must have been trippin' to let me off the leash".


I live a body positive life – my house is covered in fat art

I’m plus size & body positive – people always say the same about my weight

She then turned around and twerked in front of the camera.

Fans loved Sam's positive energy, with one commenting: "You give us plus size baddies a queen! You are gorgeous."

Another wrote: "Oh my God girl yes I need all that, maybe it will get me the push I need to reach a new confidence level.”

Some asked Sam where she got her outfits with another viewer praising her and saying: "The self confidence always comes back, you know you look stunning!"

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A fourth added: "I wish I had a third of your confidence.”

Sam posted another dance video, which saw her copying the dance moves from the new Netflix series Wednesday.

One fan said: "You're not getting Wednesday vibes because she's better than Wednesday – she is Friday vibes."

Another added: "She is beautiful though, what does it matter?"

Previously Sam was told she was “too big to walk the runway” and is now a Forever21 Ambassador. 

She was also criticised for wearing an "inappropriate" outfit to Disney World and felt she was targeted just because she's fat.

Sam has racked up three million followers on TikTok, where she often posts clips promoting body positivity and self-love.

But when the influencer and model showed off her Disney World outfit she was quickly slammed by trolls who called her look 'inappropriate'.

In the video, Sam is wearing a white mini skort and a pink off shoulder crop top.

"Why dress so inappropriately when you're at a theme park for children? That's an outfit you'd wear at an adult gathering," one person commented.

But Sam was having none of the hate and said she didn't see the problem with her outfit.

"I'm wearing a shirt with sleeves and a skort," she explained, "that's a skirt that has shorts attached to it."

Sam hit back at the trolls saying that it's only "because it's on a big body that it's bothering you."

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The influencer continued: "Skinny people wear shorter things, more revealing things at theme parks.

"I've seen literal booty cheeks hanging out under shorts, but because I'm fat it's inappropriate?"

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