CHOOSING a baby name can be hard, so it is understandable that you may have second thoughts.

A mum has revealed how she changed her daughter’s name when she was one years old as she much preferred a different moniker.

TikTok Kayla Christine, who posts under @kayla..christine, uploaded a video sharing how her daughter Madelyn Blake had a new name.

The mum shared how she had changed it to Blakely Rayne.

Many people were quick to ask why she didn’t just call her child Blakely in the first place, and Kayla replied: “I let her bio father name her when we were engaged.”

When people asked her why she chose Blakely, she joked: “There is actually a big reason why.

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“I like that name and that’s what I want her name to be.”

Although many people were very supportive of her decision to change her daughter’s name, some trolls were quick to pile in.

One said: “No no way. Madelyn suits her. Blakely is a boy’s name.”

Kayla hit back laughing: “Right, right, because you watch my TikToks you know what suits my kid best.

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“Your opinion will be taken into consideration.”

Lots of viewers praised her decision, with one saying: “People seem to forget it’s your child, your choice. Do you mama.”

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