BIRMINGHAM-based savvy shopper Liyana Leena has been vlogging about how to get the best deals for the last four years.

The Premium Shopper Expert regularly reveals her 13.6K subscribers on YouTube @LiyanaLifestyle her hints and tips on how to get the best bargains on Britain’s high street.

B&M Super Scanner – what is it?

The latest find for fans of Liyana, 34, is the B&M super scanner.

She reckons shopping fans have gone “crazy” when they realise how this brilliant bargain hack works.

“I’ve been using it for the last two years. Most of us shoppers are using it in a way it wasn’t intended to be used.

“When you download the B&M app you can scan items and check their prices.


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“But because in-store staff don’t have chance to update the thousands of shelf prices as quickly as the company software re-prices them, you often discover that what something is priced on the shelf isn’t what you’ll pay at the till.

“It means you can get loads of stuff so much cheaper.”

First bargain of on the B&M Super Scanner

The first item Liyana discovered using the app was when she found a home décor item.

“A really lovely canvas wall art item was priced at £12 on the shelf.

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''Most shoppers might walk by thinking they love it, but don’t love spending £12 on it.

“When I scanned it I discovered it had been marked down to £4.


''This is the price that will show up at the till.

''It’s not the fault of the staff – they don’t have time to update every single item on sale.”

Liyana is known around Birmingham stores for going in and filming herself talking through the bargains she finds along the way.

“I was filming myself walking around the B&M store. I wanted to show my fans how the app works.

''When I realised the massive price reduction between what the print was on sale for compared to what the scanner was showing me – my reaction was genuine.

“I was like 'Wait a minute guys, this is a hack!' ''

10p B&M bargains

As for the B&M barg 10p scans that people across the Facebook B&M Scanner And Other Bargains Liyana has this to say.

“Some do get lucky with 10p items. That’s why the Facebook groups are brilliant because ordinary members of the public are helping each other out.

“You can get everything from bird feeders to steam floor cleaners to kids slippers to PJs to lampshades!

“It’s impossible for one person to amass knowledge on everything for sale.

“Some shoppers are absolutely dedicated to spending hours in store doing this.

“Then there are those snapping up the bargs and selling them on as a side hustle.

“I don’t have the patience to spend hours doing this but the groups are ace at showing you.”

Best deal to get on the B&M scanner?

As for the best scanner deals Liyana says that it’s her savvy experience that there is the one item you will find massive reductions on.

“Rugs are pretty pricy. The in-store range is pretty classy and yet a lot of them do scan a lot lower in price.

''I know loads of savvy shoppers who snap them up and sell them on as a side hustle.”

Other B&M app bargain items

Liyana says she only buys what she needs or will use at home.

As a result she has picked up ornaments, wooden signs and loads of seasonal stuff.

“You find old stock dotted around the store and it will always be reduced.

“Recently I was amazed to discover that autumnal stuff from last year’s stock is sold – reduced! – alongside full price stuff now.

''You have to root around but it is absolutely worth it.”

Liyana reckons she goes to B&M “at least” twice a week – for herself and to cater for the needs of her YouTube fans.

“People don’t think you get food items reduce via the app – but you do.

“I have picked up rice, noodles and pet food too.

“The B&M wildlife big packs are usually cheaper than Poundland and are better value.”

The shopping influencer also has 69K followers on Facebook and does get recognised by fans.

“It is a bit embarrassing but shoppers and staff do come up to me and say hello.

“But what’s so funny is that before stores wouldn’t want me filming.

“Poundland especially used to tell me off for filming myself while in-store.

“I used to tell them that it was free publicity – for them.

“Now they realise how many viewers they’ll get – they welcome me in.

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“I’m all about mental health and I started to film my in-store experiences when one fan mentioned she suffered with anxiety.

''I wanted to show her what was in store – I didn’t want her to miss out. I’m all about helping people grab the best possible bargain.”

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