AN INTERIOR whizz has revealed the ten things that she claims are making your home look cheap.

Roxanne Roxas, who posts on TikTok under the username @roxxroxas is an interior whizz with 25k followers on the video sharing platform.

Roxanne recently took to the social media app to reveal the things that are making your home look tacky. 

The interior design fan shared her video with the caption ‘What makes your home look cheap?’

Listen up and prepare to be attacked, as Roxanne said: “Things that make your home look cheap.” 

The first thing that Roxanne claims is making your home look cheap is exposed wires.

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Not only this, but she also thinks that small artwork pieces make homes look tacky too.

As well as this, Roxanne noted that curtains that are too short are not a good look either. 

Another bug bearer of Roxanne’s is creased bed sheets.  

Roxanne went on to say that outdated lighting and white PVC doors are two more things that should be avoided if you want your home to look expensive.

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The interior fan also claimed that cluttered worktops, over the door coat hangers and clutter on open shelves are three other things that are making your home look cheap.

Finally, according to Roxanne, if you want your home to look chic, you must avoid canvas artwork at all costs. 

She later explained: “This is just a rule of thumb, adjust and decide what’s best for your own situation.”

Roxanne’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly racked up 199.9k views.

It has 2,386 likes, 111 comments and 158 shares.

While some TikTok users were grateful for the advice, others disagreed.

One person said: “Thank you for the advice. Very helpful.”

Another added: “When it’s cluttered and dirty” to which Roxanne simply said “agree.” 

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Meanwhile, a third commented: “There is no CHEAP home as long as you are comfortable living in it ?” 

Someone else posted: “Nothing wrong being cheap” to which Roxanne replied “Look cheap, not being cheap. Being a smart buyer and on a budget interiors. People hire us for a reason ??” 

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