AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the one mistake he simply can’t stand to see in homes. 

Loren Kreiss is the CEO of his own company and has designed the homes of celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, DJ Khaled and Magic Johnson. 

With his wealth of experience and knowledge in the matter, he often uses his social media channels to share his top tips and tricks. 

In one such video, Loren could be seen dressed in a grey T-shirt with a black shirt on top as he shared: “If I never see this again, it will be too soon.”

He went on to share images of barn doors, which are wooden double doors that are placed inside the home. 

“Unless you’re living on a farm or literally in a barn, there is absolutely no reason to have a barn door in your house,” he argued. 

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He continued: “Can anyone explain to me the logic behind them? Taking design trends too literally is never the right way to decorate your home. 

“Always pick something functional, meaningful and beautiful. It’s the golden rule of design… At least it should be.” 

In the caption, he added: “If I never see this again it will be too soon.” 

People were quick to comment on TikTok user @lorenkreiss’s post, which appeared to divide opinion.

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One person wrote: “I don’t have them but I do like them. No logic, just what people like.” 

Another shared: “I love barn doors. That’s how all doors should open,” followed by a winking face emoji. 

While a third asked: “What do you suggest where there is no space for a barn door or pocket door?”

Loren replied: “A regular door? Anything that doesn’t look like it belongs on a farm,” followed by a laughing emoji.

But others were in total agreement with Loren as one person shared: “Agreed. They are so clunky, heavy, and so THERE.”

A second said: “Thank you! Glad someone finally said it. Not a fan of overly rustic pieces.” 

And a third added: “yes! I thought I was getting old I was not liking the barn doors but at least I'm not alone”. 

While some people may love barn doors, they do have a few issues that don’t tend to go unnoticed. 

According to Apartment Therapy, one issue some people experience is that it doesn’t dampen sound from the other side very well. 

And if it’s not level, there’s a good chance it won’t close properly. 

They said: “You’re left possibly in an awkward position or state of undress – with the door hanging wide open. In the past, I’ve had to shout a warning when I heard someone coming up the stairs.” 

They can be a little harder to latch and they can also be on the louder side compared to a traditional open and shut door. 


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“Great if you want to catch your kids sneaking out of the house, but otherwise, not so much,” they joked. 

Would you get a sliding door?

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