AN ELEGANCE coach has shared four styles of coats she would never wear because of how cheap and tacky they look.

Amira Bessette took to TikTok to explain what makes a coat classy and why some popular styles are anything but that.

The first trend to avoid according to Amira is long, padded coats – especially if they're oversized.

She said: "I know there are countries where coats like this are essential to survive in the winter.

However, if you live in the UK or somewhere with a similar climate they're usually totally unnecessary.

Instead, the elegance expert suggests wearing a wool coat to keep warm.

The next style that's a big no-no for Amira is any kind of jacket that's shiny or metallic.

"Personally, I don't think they look very elevated.

"I think they look rather cheap and maybe a bit tacky. I do not advise you wear them," she said

A wool coat is a good choice again, or you could go for the same style in a more muted colour, like black, white or beige.

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But even then the key is to make sure they're not too big because overly oversized coats are third on Amira's list.

Oversized coats may be perfect when nipping out to the shops, but if your aim is to look classy and elevated, she believes something more form-fitting is the way to go.

Last but by no means least on the elegance expert's list are old coats that are beginning to bobble or even peel.

She explained: "If you have a coat you've been wearing in previous years, it may be a good idea to refresh it and give it to a dry cleaner.

"Once it comes back it will look brand new."

After sharing her top tips on TikTok many other fashion fans agreed with her advice.

One said: "I do agree with the metallic ones."

But others weren't so sure, with one follower pointing out that it often is cold enough for duvet-style coats.

They said: "I prefer warm and waterproof, how can you stay elegant when you're soaking wet in a wool jacket?"

Another agreed: "A wool coat? It mostly rains and wool coats soak in rain."

Previously, Amira shared some clothing items she thinks can make you look vulgar.

She gave three examples of each item and then stated which was “elegant”, “sexy” or “vulgar.”

The first thing Amira appraised was dresses – with satin, high-neck midis considered the most elegant.

A “sexy” option would be an off-the-shoulder gown, while a cut-out mini dress is tacky.

Meanwhile, Amira slammed lace-up heeled shoes as being "vulgar", instead praising classic stilettoes.

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