THERE'S a cheap and easy way to reduce static cling in your freshly-washed clothes – and you don't even need to buy dryer sheets.

In fact, Patric's Richardson – known to fans at The Laundry Evangelist – says the best tool for zapping that electricity from clothes is already in your kitchen.

Richardson, who hosts The Laundry Guy on Discovery+, doesn't particularly like dryer sheets, which add a layer of fabric softener or lubricant to clothes and linens.

But something is still needed to stop clothes from coming out of the dryer with zips and zaps of static electricity.

Enter aluminum foil, which Richardson swears by to get the job done.

"I don't like things that leave any sort of film on your clothes or leave anything behind. I don't like anything that leaves an artificial softener," he says.

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"But I realize that static's an issue. So, what do you use? Use the aluminum foil ball."

To make it, pull a one-yard-long piece of aluminum foil out and crumple it from the outside to the middle.

"You make a ball roughly the size of a tennis ball, just like this," he demonstrates.

Finally, toss it in the dryer.

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"For the next 65 trips to the dryer, it's gonna absorb all the static in your clothes. Everything's gonna come out fabulous and static-free," he says.

You'll know it's time to change the aluminum foil ball when it's condensed to the size of a walnut and is hard and shiny.

"Just throw it in the recycling bin and make a new aluminum foil ball," he says.

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"You have all of the supplies you need already in the house, so it's a super easy trick," he adds.

You also may want to make sure that delicates with easy-to-snag fabric like lace are tucked away in lingerie bags to prevent them from getting caught on any pointy aluminum ends.

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