A WOMAN who’s “addicted” to bum injections has had 54 shots in a bid to get her butt as big as possible, despite warnings they could kill her.

Karmello, 23, from Detroit, says that she was never happy with the way she looked until she began getting fillers in her bum.

Speaking on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, the mum-of-one says: “Before the injections I was a size four and now I am a size ten. 

“I’m happier because I never had a butt that was nice and firm and up how I wanted it to be up. 

“I get more attention than I was before and it definitely steps up my confidence.”

But unable to afford pricey surgery costs, Karmello has relied on injections on the black market getting pumped by an unregulated substance that;s been known to include metal lubricant and cement,

Karmello adds: “The woman who does give the injections, I don’t know what her background is like.”

The mum has now had almost two litres of the liquid injected into her bum over the past three years.

But she’s not done yet.

“If I got 36 more shots I think my butt would be the size I want,” Karmello says.

However, Karmello’s injections are putting her at serious risk.

Unregulated injections have been known to cause blood clots, strokes and amputations, as well as six deaths being recorded.

In a bid to to find out more about the risks, Karmello visits a doctor where she reveals her practitioner used superglue on her wounds.

He tells her: “You are literally putting your life in the hands of somebody who sounds like they are completely unlicensed, untrained and they could be injecting God knows what into you.

“It is imperative that you stop these treatments immediately – It just takes one bad injection to kill you.”

What are the dangers of a black market booty-jab?

“You never know what’s being injected into you if you visit an unlicensed practitioner,” says Dr Constantino Mendieta, a Miami-based plastic surgeon known as Dr Butt due to his expertise in buttock enhancement.

“Some people are injected with cooking oil, others get tyre sealant or even the silicone that you can buy in hardware stores.”

“The issue really is five to 10 years on when the product starts to react, when your body starts to spit it out and you get infections, hardness, pain and disfigurement of the buttock,” he explains, adding that sometimes the only way to correct it is to cut those areas out completely, leaving scars and crater-like holes.

“Many of these ladies are very image conscious, so it’s devastating psychologically, emotionally and sexually. But they come to me in utter desperation because they can no longer stand the pain.”

Karmello’s X-rays show abnormalities around her bum – giving her the wake up call she badly needed.

“I don’t think I will be going back to get more injections,” she says.

“I just hope that one day I can learn to just love my body and love myself a little bit more than I am now.”

Karmello has since overcome her addiction and plans on returning to doctor for regular check-ups.

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