A VET has issued a stark warning to pet owners as neglecting a simple household chore could prove to be fatal for them.

The influencer and veterinarian took to social media and urged dog owners to ensure that plastic bags were out of reach for their pups.

Forgetting to throw the bags away or leaving them in open garbage could be detrimental for dogs, according to a clip from Bite Sized Vet Guides (@bitesizedvetguides) on TikTok.

They explained that unattended food kept in a bag, whether it's dog food or potato chips, could cause pups to suffocate to death after getting their head stuck.

"This is a conversation none of us ever want to have, but sadly it occurs in the blink of an eye," the vet noted in the video's caption.

"You are distracted. You leave the room for a few minutes. That's all it takes."

In the clip, the veterinarian noted that pet death by suffocation from a bag is "one of the most devastating conversations" that they could ever have with owners in their field of expertise.

She continued that breed or size doesn't make a difference in the harrowing scenario either, as the plastic bag consistently collapses around a dog's head and constricts its airways.

"They suffocate in minutes," the vet said.

"Never leave food unattended."

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Fortunately, the vet also explained a way for dog owners to ensure that the horrific situation never happens, even if their pup were to get into the trash.

"Before you throw away that empty bag, take a pair of scissors to it and split it," she noted.

Cutting the bag down the middle won't allow the bag to become trapped around the dog's head.

"Prevent it from being a trap to your pets if they get it out of the trash," the vet added.

"Or to any wildlife if they come across it later."

Several dog owners took to the comments section on the clip to explain their pup's encounters with plastic bags.

"I wish I knew about this before because my grandmothers dog used to go in the dog food bag because she was so tiny," one viewer wrote.

The vet quickly responded that dog food bags offer less of a risk but could still cause serious issues.

"Dog food bags are not quite as dangerous because they are less likely to collapse around a pet's head, but it's still a risk," she replied.

Another said: "Great advice! Honestly 1st time I’ve heard the tip about splitting the bag. I’ve spent a lifetime cutting up the plastic rings on drinks…"

The vet also included a link in her video to Prevent Pet Suffocation, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about the risks of having plastic bags around and unattended, per its website.

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