A TRAVELLER girl has revealed the five simple ways to spot a gypsy – and the leg flick is a huge giveaway for a start. 

Suzy, a gypsy woman, has taken to social media to share how you can tell if someone is a traveller or not. 

She claimed that such girls will flick their hair, regularly post cleaning videos online and will often speak in a certain way too, all acting as dead giveaways that they belong to the traveller community. 

Sharing her claims online, Suzy said: “If you have no sense of humour or can't take a joke, don't watch this video.

“How to know if you're watching gypsies and travellers on TikTok. Here are some signs.

“The hair flick. They love to flick their hair from side to side. I think it's like a medical condition. 

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“That combined with the leg flick. That started as a purposely done pose just so they can show off the red on the bottoms of their shoes to prove that they own a pair of Louboutins. 

“And then it just started getting worse and worse. Now it just seems like a tick. Almost like an impulse.”

Suzy explained that traveller women will often share cleaning videos online, as she added: “Next is the cleaning videos. They post at least five TikToks a day of them cleaning.

“They love to clean. They show everyone how to do it properly, the real way, the Gypsy way.”

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Not only this, but she claimed that traveller girls will typical say ‘mummy’, as she explained: “For the Irish girls, [they say] ‘mummy’. They like to use the words to prove what they are.”

Finally, Suzy claimed that young traveller girls will often babysit their siblings, as she concluded: “And last but not least, this goes for the younger ones. Travelling girls on here do a lot of babysitting. They look after their younger brothers and sisters. 

“While they're doing a TikTok, obviously you know that they're gypsies because they're either standing in a caravan or in a mobile home or a chalet, whatever you wanna call it, a trailer, and whilst they're doing their little videos of them cocking their leg and flicking their hair, one of their siblings will walk in.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @cuzinsuzy92, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 39,900 views in just three days.

Social media users were left in hysterics at Suzy’s clip and many took to the comments to agree with her claims. 

One person said: “So true.” 

Another added: “That’s the truth.” 

A third commented: “Brilliant.”

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Whilst someone else wrote: “You’re absolutely hilarious.”

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