THERE’S no bigger thrill for a thrifting whizz then bagging an amazing bargain after scouring a charity shop for hours. 

And one savvy shopper recently revealed that she’d hit the jackpot while searching a local store and coming across a gorgeous designer piece from the 70s being sold for a fraction of its actual worth. 

Peach Bray is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who regularly shares clips with her 25k followers on her TikTok account @peachikinz. 

And she recently shared her unreal thrift shore discovery that could see her make nearly £650 of profit. 

In the clip, an excited Peach showed off of a gorgeous gold sparkly shirt that she’d stumbled across on the hangers. 

The 70s piece was entirely embellished with gold sequins, had a slightly tapered waist, and also featured two gold lace straps to secure it in place. 

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“It’s very heavy, I could tell it was valuable,” she told viewers. 

With this in mind, the canny customer decided to look the item up online, and was left gobsmacked by what she discovered. 

The very same Whiting & Davis Metal Mesh Gold Halter Top from the 70s was being sold on eBay for an eye-watering £650! 

By contrast, thrifty Peach managed to bag it for less than a fiver in the charity stop. 

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The clip amassed a huge 955k views, with users flocking to the comments to share their awe for Peach’s bargain buy. 

“LIVING MY DREAM!!!” one wrote underneath the video. “Please post a try on so I can live through you.” 

“God I love thrifting,” another savvy shopper added. 

“You gotta wear it at least once before putting that baby on the market,” a third begged. “OMG that is so gorgeous.” 

If you’re looking for more handy thrifting tips, why not check out this guide compiled by a top-notch second-hand shopping influencer. 

She’s bagged £1.9k of designer goodies for just £38, and shared how she managed it with Fabulous. 

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