A SLEEP expert has revealed the secret to a good night's sleep – and you only need to look as far as your fruit bowl.

If you struggle to rest well overnight, then self-described "sleep super nanny" Zoe has some tips on what you can include on your diet to help improve the quality of your zzz's.

"Eating kiwi fruit is good for your sleep," she said in a video on TikTok. "Kiwi fruit possesses a numerous amount of vitamins and minerals and this can actually help improve your sleep quality."

She also cited a study as showing that people who eat two kiwi fruits a day have been proven to have a better quality of sleep.

And it's not only kiwis that can help your bedtime habits – cherries can too!

"Tart cherries have been found to have an above average concentration of melatonin and we need melatonin to fall asleep easily and stay asleep," Zoe explained.

"They also contain antioxidants, the effects of which can be conducive for your sleep."

If you're not a fruit fan, then nuts can have a similar effect.

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"Nuts like almonds and walnuts are considered good for sleep because they often contain melatonin and also minerals such as magnesium and zinc that will help you sleep better," Zoe said.

But if you do struggle to sleep, then avoid alcohol at all costs.

When someone commented on the post that "alcohol helps" them sleep, Zoe replied: "Alcohol suppresses your REM sleep and will have a rebound effect affecting your sleep quality overall."

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