A SINGLE mom has exposed why she moved into a tiny home on wheels.

People may question her housing decision, but she loves not having to make rent payments every month.

In her video, Rebekah (@the_realrebekah) explained how she plans on breaking even by her third year living in the van.

Her son and daughter split time with their mom in the van and their dad in his house.

The confident woman talked to her followers while she put on makeup for the day.

"After living in an RV for three years, it will have paid for itself," she said.

In total, Rebekah paid $104,000 for her tiny home.

If the single mom had decided to get a one-bedroom or two-bedroom in California, she would have had to pay $3,000 a month.

After three years in an apartment, her total would have been $108,000 in rent.

"I decided to take the equity from when I sold my house and spend it on something I could live in," Rebekah proclaimed.

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Rebekah didn't care that owning a van was technically a depreciating asset because she would've been wasting more money on rent anyway.

She acknowledged that if she ever sold her home on wheels, it would be worth less than when she bought it.

"But I don't really care because I would've been spending the same amount of money and had nothing to show for it," Rebekah admitted.

Her plan was up in the air for what she was going to do when she didn't want to live in it anymore.

She mentioned keeping it to use as an office or guest house.

But she wouldn't force herself to live in the RV if it gave her problems.

Viewers understood her argument and agreed with her in the comments.

"Right. At the end of three years of renting, you have nothing. If in three years you sell this, you'll still get money out of it, even if it's less paid," one person remarked.

Rebekah responded: "Exactly, at this rate I will still be here at the three year mark."

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"Makes sense," one positive person agreed.

A helpful viewer added: "My in-laws made money after trading in theirs for something smaller."

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