THERE'S no denying the power of the perfect underwear set, but what colour you wear says a lot about you.

Whether sultry red is your colour of choice or if basic black is your go-to, we reveal the true meaning of your favourite coloured knickers.

Different colours can evoke various emotions, explains Barbara Santini, a psychologist and sex and relationship adviser.

"Colours are a big non-verbal communication form in mood-setting," she tells Fabulous.

"A chosen colour gives more details about your personality, mood, emotions and feelings."

For example, black knickers imply an "assertive and confident character".

She added: "Black underwear is common and one of the basic pieces in most wardrobes, but offers a hot and nearly seductive atmosphere."

Meanwhile Tatyana Dyachenko, sex blogger and a relationship advisor at, revealed that purple is a pretty popular choice.

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She says: "Purple is one of the most loved underwear colours and colour of the year 2022.

"Traditionally, purple has been linked to royalty and luxury. It is expensive and naturally rare. That said, purple underwear displays feminine and romantic appeal.

"Suppose you fancy them, then you potentially have a highly prized taste.

"It signifies royalty, elegance, romance perfect setting for the date night."

Here, we reveal exactly what your choice of knickers means and what colour you should avoid.


Elegant, Chic, Sophisticated

Both Barbara and Tatyana agree that black underwear is "classic" and nothing says "elegant, chic and sophisticated" like this moody hue.

"When you’re looking to communicate a little mystery and show that you’re the one with all the power, pick a silky all black slip or black lace [number]," they say.


Passionate, Fiery, Intense

It’s the most obvious colour when it comes to saying you’re passionate, attractive, fiery and intense, according to the experts.

In the same way red lipstick draws attention to our lips,the sex advisors say red underwear shows intense excitement and desire.

You can't go wrong with a sexy scarlet number.


Feminine, youthful, innocent

If pink is your colour of choice when it comes to bras and knickers, then it might be a sign that you're "soft and sweet" according to the experts.

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"Where red screams, pink whispers," they explain. "Pink shows tenderness and a lightness of heart.

Adding: "Soft pink is feminine, youthful, and innocent. Intense hot pinks and fuchsias make an all-black outfit a little more fun."


Loyalty, Affection, Relaxed

Blue underwear is a little less mainstream than red or black, but when worn well, it communicates something no other colour can, the experts reveal.

"Since the middle ages, blue has been a symbol of loyalty. If you want to show that your affection is just for them, wear cool, calm, and relaxed blue," they say.


Desire, Jealousy, Head Turner

There's a reason they say someone is "green with envy," the experts point out, and that's because the emerald hue represents just that.

While the colour green can drive your partner "wild with desire" it's often associated with jealously, a less than admirable trait.

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