A YOUNG woman has dubbed herself the “female Harry Potter” thanks to her tiny bedroom. 

Shelley Rose has a cupboard-sized room where most of the space is taken up by her single bed – like the famous wizard’s cupboard under the stairs.

The 18-year-old has left people stunned after sharing videos of her boudoir on Tik Tok.

The fitness fanatic has no windows in her room so has accessorised it with LED strip lights to brighten the space.

She has also jazzed the space up with artwork and a decorative pillow on her bed. 

There is enough wall space for pictures, a mirror and a little desk which she has her make-up brushes and a candle on. 

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On a shelf facing the bed is a TV, with Shelley installing a holder into the wall by her bed to store the remote. 

Her videos have totted up over 750,000 views and 92,000 likes.

As the electric box is in her room, people recommended getting an aesthetic cover for it.

However, Shelley seems to use it as a book holder. 

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She has no trouble keeping it clean as the tiny room looks pristine in all of her videos. 

People flocked to the comments to weigh in on the room and ask questions. 

One penned: “I’m so glad I found this.

“I have a cupboard slightly bigger that I want to turn into a spare room.

“This is great inspo.”

Another quipped: “I would love that.

“Both sides of your bed are just the wall.”

Others questioned where Shelley keeps her clothes.

She cleared up that there is storage space under her bed for them, as well as a wardrobe in the hallway for things that need to be hung up. 

Shelley also told viewers that she made the small bed herself. 

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Another thing raised in the comments was that the room couldn’t legally be classed as a bedroom.

This is because it doesn’t have any windows, and safety standards stipulate that a room must have a window to be classed as a bedroom.

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