KITTING out the kids in new shoes may seem like a chore with little significance – but your go-to brand speaks volumes about you as a mum.

Whether you're trying to fit in with other mums by shopping at Clarks, or want to be perceived as being easygoing by putting your kids in Crocs, psychologist Dr Ree Langham from Impulse Therapy says where you head for your child's treads is telling.

Here, she reveals what your favourite kids' footwear brand says about you…

Clarks – you want to fit in

“Clarks is a popular high-street store, renowned for quality and durable shoes and it actually says quite a lot about a mum who chooses to shop there,” says Dr Langham.

"You prioritise value for money rather than on-trend pieces. Clarks shoes tend to last a long time and are known for how comfortable they are, too. 

“It’s likely that a mum who shops here understands the rough and tumble nature of childhood and knows that her child needs a shoe that will last rather than something that will fall apart quickly, even if it means it isn’t the trendiest of items." 

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She also says that while Clarks might not offer the trendiest shoes, they aren't the cheapest on the high street which could mean you're "looking for approval" in your choice:

“It could even be that this mum wants to fit in with a specific group of mums,” she explains. "She may want her child to fit in too.

"Choosing Clarks might also suggest a more traditional mum who believes in teaching her children about quality rather than quantity as well as the benefits of making a good long-term choice."

M&S – you ooze classiness

“Mums who shop here are likely to want to ensure their child is presentable but without breaking the bank or being extravagant,” Dr Langham reveals.

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“It oozes reliability and class”, she says – suggesting mums who shop for shoes at M&S are trying to make a statement by “valuing quality and consistency”. 

She adds: “They want their children to look good and might possibly favour a more traditional parenting style. 

“While these mums seek value for money, they’re not after the cheapest options on the market and instead want shoes that are durable but well respected in the playground.” 

Boden – you don't like flashy

Mums who shop in Boden want their children to look nice, but are into a more understated fashion.

She says: “Mums who shop here likely have a keen eye for timeless and sophisticated pieces. 

“They appreciate the finer things in life but in moderation. 

“While they’re opting for a more expensive shoe, they’re not looking for flashy styles and instead want something that is distinct and lasting.” 

She added that mums who choose to buy their child's shoes from Boden could be trying to encourage a “sense of individuality”. 

Kidly – you're an eco-warrior

Kidly mums are "forward thinkers" keenly aware of global warming and the state of the planet – this type of mum makes eco-conscious decisions. 

Dr Langham reveals mums who shop for shoes at Kidly want their children to be aware of how their choices might impact the world around them, just as much as they do. 

She says: “Known for being sustainable and being environmentally conscious, those who shop here are clearly eco-aware and may want to instil the same values into their child. 

“Conscious of consumerism, mums who shop here are probably forward-thinkers. 

“Typically, they may also engage their children in conversations about the environment and educate them about the impact of choices.”

Superga – you want to stand out

It's comfort without compromising style for mums who buy their children Superga and you're not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

“While this mum wants her child to stand out too, she also wants them to be comfortable,” Dr Langham explains.

“These mums might be seen as the cool mums on the block, embracing contemporary style and vintage flair. 

“They appreciate individuality and encourage their children to embrace their style and quirks. Families and mums who shop in Superga are likely to be arty.” 

Zara – you dress your kids to impress

Chic and fashion-conscious mums choose Zara for their kid's shoes – they want to be on trend and keep up with the latest ‘in’ thing. 

"They want this to rub off on their child too, ensuring they always look presentable," says Dr Langham.

“Zara mums are probably the most up-to-date with the styles that are in and they want their kids to look fashionable without spending too much – and they value aesthetics and style. 

“They want their kids to be on trend and are probably in tune with pop culture.

“While these mums still want their children to be kids, they are keen on dressing to impress."

Trainers – you want fit kids  

Whether it's pricey Nike or more reasonably-priced Puma, mums who buy trainers for their kids love sports and are keen for their love of the gym to rub off on their kids.

Dr Langham says:“Sports-orientated and active mums might choose these brands as a way to prioritise health and physical activities as well as performance and comfort.”

She also says mums who buy branded trainers pin importance on style:

“This is a mum who is stylish and fashionable and prefers her child to look modern and trendy rather than traditional,” she adds. 

Crocs – you don't want your kids to grow up

Love or loathe them, Crocs speak volumes about you as a parent.

“This mum's parenting style is more laid back and allows children to be children rather than staying on trend," says Dr Langham.

“Crocs reflect a value of practicality and comfort, with no-frills fashion.

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“Mums who buy these shoes know childhood can be messy and instead want their child to be comfortable.

“They might be the types to encourage exploration.”

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