A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the four features she sees as essential to keep your home looking spick and span. 

The Australian cleaner, known online as ‘Jetlag Remedy’, had four top tips for making tidying as stress-free as possible. 

So if you want to impress people with your tidy home, listen up. 

She said: “These are the four things I personally love in a home as a professional cleaner.” 

Her first pick was a drain hidden under a removable tile, to cover the grime lurking beneath. 

“They’re so satisfying and easy to clean, the way it comes apart super easily,” she added, as she quickly whipped off the cover and pulled out a hair-clogged drain. 

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Her second recommendation is “hidden bins” that look as though they’re part of the kitchen cabinetry. 

“It looks so much better when you don’t have a bin on display,” she said. 

“You also don’t have the smell of a bin wafting through the kitchen.” 

Her next pick, which she confessed is a “bit random”, is fridge storage. 

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Showing off her fridge, perfectly sorted into separate plastic containers, she said it’s super easy to take them out, give your shelves a wipe, and then place them back in. 

Her last recommendation is wooden tables. 

She added: “You can see when they’re dirty, you don’t deal with fingerprints, and they’re timeless!” 

The TikTok clip, posted on @jetlagremedy, quickly racked up more than 46,000 views, with users quick to give the tips their seal of approval. 

“Totally agree, love your work!” one commented. 

“BIG agree on the fridge storage! Stuff like that makes the walk-in chiller so much easier to clean and organise,” added another fan. 

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