A MAKEUP artist who has no arms and is a petite 4ft 7 has told how clothes shopping is a nightmare. 

Due to her unique body type, Brianne Surgeoner, 22, finds it difficult to find outfits she likes.

The Paisley-based social media influencer also needs to be creative to find the fashion styles that high street stores don’t offer.

She says: “My friends hate shopping with me.

“I’ll find something really nice but it’ll have long sleeves and you can’t cut the fabric.

“Or it’ll have a zip and buttons and be really complicated.

“I do have jackets that were taken to alterations.

“But half sleeves are in fashion right now so that does the world of good for me.

“If not, I’ll take scissors to clothes and do it myself as alterations are expensive and often costs more than the item itself.”

Brianne previously told how she attracts the wrong kind of men.

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She’s realised that fellas fetishise her and act differently than they would around other women.

The TikTok star lost both arms after developing amniotic band syndrome in the womb and battles functional neurological disorder as well as contending with other health issues like a clubbed foot, bowed bones and hypoglycaemia.

But the aspiring actress insists the worst thing someone can do is assume she needs a knight in shining armour just because she looks different.

Brianne, represented by Glasgow-based All Talent Agency, said: “I’ve never properly been in a relationship mainly because of work.

“There’s people who you think are nice but they’re just nice to me because I’m disabled. 

“If someone is comfortable around me they won’t always ask if I need help and they let me do my own thing.

“But weirder people talk to you like a child and I’m not a child.

“You see pals having five boyfriends and all these different partners and you wonder if you’re too picky.

“But you have to be otherwise you could end up with a creep.”

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