A PARAMEDIC has shared the five rules she has in her own home to make her kids as safe as possible.

Nikki Jurcutz, who works as the CEO of the parenting organisation Tiny Hearts Education, shared an informative video to TikTok where she explains: "These are my top 5 rules in my home for my little ones…learnt from being an advanced life support paramedic."

In the clip, Australian paramedic Nikki, who posts under Tiny Hearts Education, begins: "Number one is no whole nuts until my children are at least five years of age."

Number two is I keep them rearward-facing in the car seat for as long as possible – it's the safest way in an accident."

The mum-of-two goes on to note that she always doesn't let her kids eat in the car.

"Choking is silent and it's extremely dangerous if you are driving and notice your little one is choking," she says.


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The paramedic continues: "Number 4 is always have contact supervision for my little ones when they're around any form of water."

And number five is no access to button batteries."

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The educational post has since racked up an impressive 865,000 views, with many parents praising Nikki for sharing her expert advice.

"Just remember where button batteries are hiding," urged one. "Those fun sing along books, garage controllers, electric toothbrushes all have them. Be vigilant."

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A second commented: "All of this for me + Constabt supervision around kids and dogs, no dogs in the kids faces (from mum who was an animal control ranger)."

A third penned: "All good points. Add in slice grapes length ways."

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Another praised: "Love this page! Thank you for everything you do."

Meanwhile, a further refused: "Love these! thank you for sharing."

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