WITH the past few weeks seeing the UK finally getting a bit of sunshine it has been the perfect excuse for a tipple and you can never go wrong with a Margarita right?

Well not according to world renowned mixologist Deano Moncrieffe who says we’ve been getting it very wrong.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous ahead of the launch of the Mirror Margarita, the world’s first clear Margarita, he reveals the five big mistakes everyone makes when whipping up the Mexican favourite…


Where possible filter your water to produce cleaner ice cubes. This will bring a noticeable difference to the smoothness of your Margarita as the ice slowly melts.  


I choose not to use a classic salt rim because it overpowers the tastebuds and distracts from the delicate flavours of a Margarita and challenges the few ingredients that comes with the drink.

If you do really want to use salt, buy high quality sea salt. Table salt is heavily processed. 

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Try using alternative citruses to lime. For example try showcasing tequila with grapefruit as it's a sweeter citrus and not as sharp so enhances the easy sipping.


There are no rules to glassware. It’s your drink at home, enjoy in your favourite glass. 

Served over ice, brings that extra chilliness and keeps the cocktail at a colder temperature for longer. 

Steamed glasses are designed to be held at the stem so as to stop body temperature from warming your drink also. 

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Invest in a good tequila. Margarita traditionally has only three ingredients so like food, invest in quality. Look for 100% agave Tequila. This means there are less preservatives and added sugars for example. 

Credit: Deano Moncrieffe, founder of Mirror Margarita – a bar quality margarita bottle with 5 signature serves now available at Sainsburys nationwide

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