A HOUSEWIFE from Dubai has been trolled after sharing the piles of gifts her millionaire husband spoils her with each week. 

British-born Soudi married a man called Jamal and she claims he’ll spoil her with gifts worth half a million pounds every week. 

But the gifts are so lavish and ridiculous, trolls think she married him for his money and not for love. 

In a recent clip, Soudi revealed: “How much my millionaire husband spent on me this week.”

Soudi films herself dining at a decadent restaurant with gold-plated cups and saucers and a towering domed ceiling adorned in golden motifs. 

She zooms in on her frothy coffee, which she claims cost £160. 

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The fancy brew features a chic stencil design in the shape of a tree, before panning across the palace-like room.

In the centre of the ceiling is a fabulous chandelier featuring hundreds of delicate twinkling lights. 

Next, she boasts the result of a designer shopping trip, setting Soudi’s husband back about £40,000.

There’s an enormous Louis Vuitton bag in the background, along with goods from Chanel and Dior. 

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She gives fans a sneak peek of a Jo Malone purchase too – an English pear and freesia-scented candle.

It’s worth over £50, and possibly the cheapest item in her haul. 

You won’t catch Soudi and Jamal at any high street eateries with their megabucks.

Instead, the pair dine out on posh cocktails and gourmet meals costing over £1,000.

To be a millionaire’s wife you have to look the part, and that means spending boatloads of cash on spa trips (£1,000, to be precise), claims Soudi. 

She films herself in one of Dubai’s fancy salons where she has brand new baby pink nails applied to her diamond-clad fingers. 

And what’s a regular week without a six-figure holiday to Europe (with more designer shopping, of course)?

Soudi films a first class window seat on an aeroplane, boasting a giant TV screen, privacy wall and plenty of legroom. 

She claims the quick hop across the pond cost nearly half a million pounds.

In total, a week of treats for Soudi set her husband back around £500,000.

It’s no stress for the filthy rich pair, but trolls have slammed their lifestyle and have even questioned whether Soudi loves her man for him, or his money. 

One mean troll replied: “Sometimes I start to think, do you love him or love his money?”

A second said: “Hey boys, look at what money can do.” 

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And a third replied: “Here’s the thing. Since he’s only a ‘millionaire’, at this rate you two spend money he’s going to be broke soon.” 

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