A MCDONALD’S superfan has suggested that we’ve all been eating our meals wrong – and claimed making loaded fries is the way forward. 

Dorian Jessica took to TikTok to share her latest creation, layering up chips, two Chicken Big Macs, pickles and various sauces in a bowl. 

Viewers were left stunned by her idea, with many vowing to recreate the same at home. 

The foodie, known online as @dorianjessica, regularly shares food reviews with her 1.4 million followers. 

In a previous reel, the content creator was seen making something similar using a six-pack of McDonald's chicken nuggets. 

But apparently, there were some changes needed to perfect the recipe. 


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She said: “We’re going to be making loaded fries again because it was absolutely delicious, however, it’s going to have a little bit of a twist on it today.”

During the two-minute video, Dorian is first seen pouring her large fries into a large pasta bowl. 

She continued: “So we’re going to put the fries in first, and then what we’re going to do is I bought two of these. I bought two Chicken Big Macs. 

“I know it probably seems like a bit of a waste. 

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“Not only is it going to have the Big Mac sauce on it…oh my god okay I’m burning my fingers. 

“So we’re just going literally just tear it off and just put it in. 

“Oh my god, and it’s going to have the cheesy goodness on it as well. 

Dorian goes on to add sliced pickles to the top, before adding a thick layer of sour cream and chive dip, and then barbecue sauce. 

After tasting a large bite of the chicken burger, fries, pickles and various sauces, she adds: “That smacks.”

Fans loved her idea, with the video gaining more than 138,400 likes and 1.4 million views. 

In the comments, TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “Everybody so creative.”

“I worked for my maccies for & years why didn’t I think of this,” commented another. 

A third joked: “This is why I needed a gastric sleeve man.”

Although some were more distracted by the fact she suggested she was burning her fingers on her burger, with many claiming their orders never arrive hot. 

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One added: “You must of put it in the microwave because no one ever says burning my fingers with McDonald’s.”

“Burning ur fingers wow what mc ds do you go too lol,” wrote another.

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