A PROFESSIONAL make-up artist has shared the best tricks to knock years off your look using cheap products you probably already have at home.

Gabriela Soares, from Canada, revealed she swears by five tricks on clients over 50 to make them look like they've had the best work done with make-up alone.

Posting on her YouTube channel, the beauty pro explained skin needs to be treated a little differently once you get older.

Demonstrating her cheap and cheerful tricks on Jennifer, 50, Gabriela broke everything down into five simple tips.

Even your complexion before apply make-up

"As women age their bodies produce less oestrogen and as a result of that chin hair, upper lip hair, facial fuzz all that, can start to take on a life of it's own," she explained.

Although there are loads of ways to combat unwanted facial hair as you age, Gabriela used a dermaplaning tool on Jennifer, which is essentially a one blade razor to smooth the skin out.


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Ignoring the hair is a big no-no for the make-up whizz since it can look really unflattering, especially once you apply make-up on top of it.

Skincare like moisturiser and gentle expholiaters and sunscreen are vital to even out your complexion as well, the pro added.

Start with a primer

You might skip primer when apply make-up but it can make a big difference to the finished look.

The make-up whizz noted a good primer will "smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and help your make-up last a lot longer."

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So how do you pick the right primer? Gabriela says for over 50s something hydrating and illuminating is usually your best bet.

She added: "Go easy on mattifying products because they can make you look a lot older."

Get your foundation and concealer right

It all depends on how much coverage you want to which products you use and in which order you use them.

A tinted moisturiser is perfect if you only want a little extra coverage, but a foundation can offer more if that's what you're after.

Gabriela explained that the products you used 20 years ago might not work on your skin anymore, so going with a hydrating foundation will give you a "youthful radiance."

The pro revealed the best way to apply foundation is why a damp beauty sponge and dabbing all over the face to blend.

As for concealer, apply it sparingly in the areas you want extra coverage and avoid using too much power.

Bulk up your lashes

Lashes can look thinner as we age, so adding in some fulness will instantly make you look younger.

One way Gabriela does with is by tight-lining the waterline of the upper eyelid with a black pencil liner.

You can also add eyeliner to the lash line, but don't take up too much lid space as this can make your eyes appear smaller.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of an eyelash curler.

"This simple thing will give you an instant eye lift," Gabriela raved.

Add in some colour

The beauty fan explained: "When you look at a young person's face they flushed cheeks and flushed lips, we lose that as we get older and it's a clear sign of ageing skin."

Adding a small amount of blusher, ideally a cream or liquid formula for a more dewy look.

You can also add a flush of colour with lipstick, but be careful because lippie can "make or break your look."

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To get it right always use a lip liner to avoid smudges and to add fulness.

"It's more important to own a lip liner than to own a lipstick," Gabriela said.

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