WHAT with school runs, lunchboxes, and the kids’ tea to configure, few mums would be happy to be called lazy.

However, single mum-of-one Hayley Ambrose wears the label with pride.

The 33-year-old describes herself as a 'positive’ lazy mum admitting she hates tidying and cleaning.

Despite this Hayley’s home in St Neots, Cambridgeshire is always spotless thanks to her hired help.

But with cleaners coming far from cheap the admin manager goes without turning on the heating so she can afford to treat herself and then takes all the credit for her home's sparkle.

Speaking to Fabulous, Hayley explains why she’s proud to call herself a lazy mum…


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“Opening my door to friends, they immediately start gushing about how tidy my home is.

Describing me as a ‘regular Mrs Hinch’, my pals press me for the secret to having a spotless home.

Rather than coming clean I wink and tell them it’s just one of my superpowers.

I take all the credit for the super tidy house and I welcome the jealous looks I get from my girlfriends.

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The truth is I hate cleaning and consider myself a ‘positive lazy mum’.

I loathe disinfecting the bathroom. The vacuum is a total no go zone for me and scrubbing a hob or oven is something I just do not find therapeutic.

I can’t understand why people spend hours every day making their homes a showroom.

I know mums who get up at 4am to clean and say it de-stresses them. But all it does is freak me out, it would be a total waste of my time.

I am proud to be the new breed of ‘lazy’ mums, we’re the ‘new cool’ in my opinion and I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure I don’t have to clean or garden.

My problem is I am a single mum and my eight-year-old son Leyland has inherited his mum's hatred of housework.

I’m a great mum and would rather spend my time chilling with him, watching movies, and having my mates round over scrubbing the floors.

However, I hate muck and mess.

So, I decided to sacrifice whatever I must to pay for my own ‘clean team’

In September 2015 I got a cleaner and she comes twice a week for two and half hours.

She does everything from washing dishes, scrubbing the floors and changing the sheets.

It’s heaven even if it does mean I have to work five hours over time a week.

I also can’t stand gardening but love my front and back yards looking pristine.

So once a month a gardener mows, weeds and replants so that I don’t have to.

In total it costs me £230 a month or around £3000 a year, it might seem a lot but I see it as an investment in my mental health and sanity.

Naturally, I claim the bragging rights on my super tidy house, pristine cupboards, beautifully laundered clothes, and pristine lawn.

I am the one who works long hours to pay for the clean team, so I deserve to take the credit.

I don't care what other people think.

I know the trolls will call me a useless mum but what they don't know is when I was 18, I used to work as a cleaner.

I was studying at college and needed a flexible job.

I cleaned houses and offices for two years to pay the bills and I was awesome.

Facing other people's manky bathrooms, dirty dishes and disgusting bed sheets put me off cleaning for life.

When I started work as an admin staffer, I vowed I’d never clean again, I’ve done my share.

I’ll load the dishwasher, wipe the counters and put a load of washing in but everything else is not happening.

I also won't be beaten by the hikes in gas and electric prices and groceries prices as I'm making cuts to keep my clean team luxury.

"Trying to be a super cleaner, and super parent is just trying for an impossible standard of parenthood perfection."

I won't be turning on the heating this year and instead Leyland and I will wear jumpers, dressing gowns and wander round in blankets to ensure we save cash for the cleaners

If I must choose between heating and a clean house, it’s a super clean house.

I’ll also flog old clothing items and household items on eBay and car boots to pay for my ‘clean team.’ 

I’m not wealthy, I work hard and if keeping my clean team means not turning on the heating, I will do just that.

Being a lazy mum is about self-preservation and being kind to yourself. I reckon more mums need to be just like me.

Trying to be a super cleaner, and super parent is just trying for an impossible standard of parenthood perfection. 

I’m less stressed, less anxious and less overwhelmed because I have prioritised. It is great for me and it’s great for my son.

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So go on troll me and tell me I am a slacker. I know I’m a great mum who is willing to delegate chores and sacrifice essentials for my family.

Give yourselves a break and work out what you must sacrifice for cleaning sanity.

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