THE day to day running of a hotel is nonstop, especially in the morning and afternoon when people are checking in and out.

But one hotel receptionist has revealed how very different it is working the night shift.

Posting her night routine working in the lobby of a hotel on TikTok, the user, Erica Baeby, has gone viral with over 200k views.

In a previous video, Erica told her followers she had to share the perks of working in a hotel overnight because she was bored while working.

Erica, from the US, revealed how her job allows her to get paid for lounging in the caption of the video.

Firstly, she pans around the hotel lobby to reveal that there is no customers to attend to when working the night shift.


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The hotel is eerily quiet, but it means Erica is able to finish her admin work within 10 – 15 minutes tops of her starting her shift.

Leaving her free to do as she pleases for the rest of the night.

The receptionist and other night employees also have unlimited free coffee and food at their disposal throughout their shift.

She said: "There's coffee 24/7 and food us employees can whip up anytime because we serve breakfast in the AM."

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Employees can choose from a variety of cereal, fresh fruit, yoghurt, muffins and bagels to eat during their shift.

And if that wasn't enough perks, if the employees are tired after working the night shift, they can stay in one of the hotel rooms for FREE to catch up on sleep.

Plus, the hotel worker gets free rein over the hotel's gym and pool whenever she likes.

Erica added: "Not to mention discounted hotels at other locations!

"So yup… Plus it's a pretty quiet night, no one bothers me.

"Perfect job for online classes."

It truly does sound like a dream job and viewers seemed eager to join the hotel sector after seeing the perks.

One asked: "How do I apply?"

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"Ok this sounds amazing lol." Added another user.

A third commented: "You had me at online classes, I need to make time & work. Win win."

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