AN attractive gym-goer has shared that she may have to hire a bodyguard when working out due to unwanted attention.

She explained that men can't stop flirting with her so much at the gym that she's contemplating investing in protection worth $3,000.

Model Monica Hudlt lives in Arizona and says she hits the gym at least five days a week.

Though she has a passion for fitness, her enjoyment is constantly disrupted because she is often hit on by men for her great body, when trying to get her workout on.

As someone who has experienced sexual harassment in the past, the constant attention is quite triggering.

Though she is flattered by the compliments from her male suitors, the uneasy feeling it leaves her has left her with the idea of paying for a personal bodyguard when at the exercise facility.

Working out is incredibly important to the Polish native, not only for her physical health but also for her mental health as well.

Though she wants to "get in and get out" when exercising, the model adds that the attention does make her feel good because she did not have the best self-esteem growing up.

Monica, who is also Swedish, says she would pay someone $3,000 a month to come to the gym with her and scare people off and also attend photoshoots with her.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Hudlt shared a story of a specific encounter that made her feel uncomfortable.

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"Once, I was looking at my phone one day and this older guy came up to me and said, 'stop trying to text me, I didn't bring my phone'," she explained. "I replied saying 'I wasn't texting him' and he then asked if I wanted to."

Hudlt also claimed that she had a stalker who somehow found her number and would not stop texting her pretending to be people in her life, such as her doctor, photographer, and more.

"It was super creepy and I had to block all the numbers he would text from. He was just this random man," she added.

On another scary occasion that took place outside of the gym, a man tried to grab her legs as she was running up the stairs at the train station.

"He tried to pull me into an alley. Thankfully people came and he ran off but it was so scary," she stated in the Daily Star interview.

Having a personal bodyguard seems to be a good move on the blonde beauty's part.

Until then, the self-proclaimed traditional wife will make sure to stick close to her husband John, to whom she is happily married.

The Swedish and Polish woman currently boasts over 337,000 Instagram followers.

In the end, the fitness lover finds the attention she receives flattering, but is also fed up.

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