THE weather is getting chillier and that can mean spending more on bills to keep your house warm.

However, there could be a way to make your home feel toastier without forking out a penny.

A home hacks account has shared how you need to get tactical with your curtains and blinds.

TikTok account @the.cosyclub claimed: “Make your home twice as warm with this one hack.

“First find the sun.

“Then go to where no heat is coming in – slam down the blinds.

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“Keep all that useless cold air out.”

They added: “Gas prices are crazy so we’ll keep you cosy.”

A recent study by Checkatrade found that you could spend £13.44 per night by leaving a 24 kW boiler left on for eight hours.

If that weren’t making you sweat, consumers could spend as much as £94 per week trying to keep their homes warm in the winter months.

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Another hack shared by the account shows how you can trap heat in a room simply by rolling up a clean towel and using it to block any gaps at the bottom of a door.

“Do this one trick and watch your house get warmer quicker,” they explained in the caption, showing how the DIY draft excluder trap the warm air in your room.

The influencer even demonstrated how this no cost hack could be used with patio doors just as effectively.

With many of us having overflowing linen cupboards, it’s easy to make sure that each room stays cosy this winter.

Unlike other insulation devices, there’s also no need to purchase extra items or for a messy installation making it perfect for those who are renting.

And if you find you can’t take the heat, simply remove the towel and let the air circulate around your home.

As temperatures plunged, the content creator also suggested moving furniture slightly away from radiators in a bid to stay warm.

Though it might seem counter intuitive, a quick rearrange will stop heat from being absorbed by your furniture and allow the warmth to circulate around the room.

Other low cost hacks include opening your oven after you’ve finished cooking and putting a sheet of tin foil behind radiators to keep you extra cosy.

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If you do have a few extra pennies to spend, the TikTok page has even recommended some essential Black Friday purchases – including an electric blanket from Amazon.

Alternatively, you could invest in a mattress warmer – with one woman claiming that she spends just pennies per day on the item and rarely needs to turn on her heating any more.

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