WE ALL KNOW how it feels to walk out of the hair salon and not be happy with the results, but we rarely hear about what makes a hair appointment bad for the hairdressers.

Thankfully, one hairstylist has revealed the common mishaps they make, as well as their clients' which often frustrates them.

Amylee, from the US, posted the video series which now has two parts, to her TikTok account, amyleeartistry, where it has been viewed over 400k times.

The hairstylist and make-up artist wrote: "Hairstylist Nightmares Pt. 1."

She went on to explain some of the common mishaps that happen in salons, including hairdresser mistakes and client mistakes.

One common mishap that can take place is grabbing the wrong scissors, Amylee wrote one of her worst nightmares as a hairstylist is picking up the normal scissors and starting to cut, only to realise she was meant to get the thinning scissors.

She also said accidentally knocking your client with the hairdryer or burning their ear with styling tools is something all stylists dread.

Another common blunder hairdressers have is forgetting they sharpened their scissors and then seeing their hands cut up and bloody whilst doing their client's hair.

Amylee looks around awkwardly as a client tells her that 'her husband loves her long hair so she should keep the length and only trim the dead ends' whilst looking at the ends which are completely dead and fried.

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Another nightmare scenario for hairdressers Amylee confesses is when they have just finished mixing all the dye up and as she begins to apply it to their hair the client decides to change their mind on the colour.

A common hair-dying mistake is when clients come in without washing their hair for days as they believe the colour sticks better, Amylee says this is a myth in the comment section of her video.

Amylee also said it was a nightmare when clients turn up for their appointment twenty minutes late with a takeaway coffee in hand, (thinking it is an apology for keeping the hairdresser waiting), but then being asked to throw it out in the trash as the client has drunk it.

Users of the app found the video relatable, one wrote: "Omg the coffee part got me laughing but it is still wrong."

"I always accidentally knock my clients with my dryer. They’re used to it at this point." Said another hairstylist.

A third user cried: "The dirty hair thing needs to be talked about more!!! Not enough people know this."

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