A GYPSY has finally answered the much-asked question of why do they wear nightwear when they head to the shops.

Suzy has dedicated her entire social media page to opening about her gypsy/traveller lifestyle.

And she regularly gets people asking her questions as they try to learn more about her culture.

One such question was from someone who wrote: "I'm not being rude, but why do traveller girls go to the shops in their PJs and dressing gowns?

"Just curious!"

"Okay, so this is a really good question and this comes with a story time," Suzy replied in a video on her TikTok page.

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"So first off, I reckon it's just cause we can't be bothered to get dressed!

She then detailed an incident in the summer where she'd tried to go and get some shopping late on a Saturday night, but hadn't been allowed in the store as she was in her pyjamas and a dressing gown.

However, Suzy kicked off when she saw other girls going in wearing a whole lot less than her – and questioned why she'd been turned away while they had been allowed in.

"I was fully covered and the security wouldn't let me in the shop," she recalled.

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"He said that I couldn't come in in my pyjamas.

"Bear in mind now I'm fully covered.

"But he allowed two younger women, one with hot pants and a bra top, like a bikini sort of top.

"And another one in like hot pants, everything showing, and sort of like a sort of gym wear top.

"I was more covered up than them.

"I wasn't allowed in because I was in pyjamas, but they were allowed in in swimwear, which obviously I kicked off about.

"I just couldn't be bothered to get dressed. It was late in the evening and I just needed some stuff for my kids.

"So mainly is because we just can't be bothered to get dressed.

"But honestly, I don't see the big deal in it. I know there's like a rules in certain shops.

"Like, you can't come in in your dressing gown, but they allow people in in next to nothing.

"I don't understand that kind of way of thinking!"

And people in the comments section insisted it's not just travellers who go shopping in their PJs.

"I’m not a traveller and I do it," one wrote.

"It’s basically called being comfortable and lazy!"

"It’s ok to go in PJs," another insisted.

"I think if it’s late PM or early AM it’s fairly normal?"

"I go in my pj's to school and shops and I ain't a traveller!"

"Yes it's ok I do the school run in my pajamas lol," someone else wrote.

As another added: "I do it all the time!"

But not everyone was on board, with one writing: "Indoor clothes outdoors is a no for me."

"I don’t think it’s wrong but wouldn;t myself just cos of germs," another added.

"Like some one cough on me pjs n I get in me bed, that’s just MY opinion."

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As a third wrote: "I dont go in pjs , but think that is just how I have been brought up tbh.

"I don't have issues with others doing it ….I just wouldn't."

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