A WOMAN from the gypsy community has revealed the real reason why they get married quickly.

Charlotte Ann regularly opens up about her culture on TikTok, and how it differentiates from 'country people's' lifestyles.

In one clip, Charlotte revealed: "Things that gypsies and travellers do that country people, like, a non-traveller find strange."

The young woman revealed that non-travellers often find it strange how quickly people from her community get married and that they won't leave their family home until they do.

She explained: "We do not believe in leaving home until you're married and don't believe in living together.

"Basically you will not leave home till you get married.


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"So what it means by that is it's marriage or nothing."

Charlotte added that some travellers and gypsies do run away together, but when they come back home, they are expected to get married.

She revealed that there was a big reason why marriage is so important to the community.

"That's what we believe in," she added.

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"And that's because obviously, the majority of us is either Christian or Catholic, were brought up in Christianity or Catholicism.

"So that is the reason for that, we do not believe in having like, living together partners.

"It's marriage or nothing, it's as simple as that."

In the clip, Charlotte also added that travellers are very respectful to their elders.

For instance, she would always get up from a chair to give it to an older person.

She also revealed it was common to call older people 'aunt' or 'uncle' even if they aren't related to you.

The video posted to her account @charlotteann71 has gone viral with over 90k and over 4,500 likes.

People were quick to take to the comments to share their thoughts and many thanked Charlotte for opening up about her culture.

One person wrote: "I love your content. I love hearing about your traditions. I'd love to hear more stories about what you gets up to when you was a child."

Another commented: "Love hearing about your traditions."

"I love your videos and hearing about your traditions," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Sounds like good manners to me."

"Agreed, respects your elders,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "I love your respect for elders."

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